Parks Metal Fabricators Inc.

Services and Equipment

Plasma Cutting, Drilling, and Oxy Fuel Burning

Our Plasma Table is 8′ wide x 20′ Long

We can Burn from 1/8″ up to 6″ Plate powered by our Hyper-therm 400 Power Source.

The features and benefits of our equipment include:

  • All plasma cutting equipment at PMF is CNC controlled in order to provide the most consistent, closest tolerance parts possible

  • Plasma provides a quality cut on carbon, aluminum and stainless steel plate

  • Plasma’s increased cutting speeds reduce turnaround time

  • Plasma produces less slag, resulting in minimal, if any, clean up time

  • Thickness capacity up to 1-1/2″

  • Table capacities of up of 96″ wide and 240″ long

  • PMF’s plasma burning machine is compatible with customer provided DXF files. Using your files improves turnaround time, minimizes the opportunity for programming error and provides further cost savings to you, the customer

  • Nesting software provides for efficient use of materials, resulting in minimal scrap

Beamcut System

Robotic Thermal Cutting

PMF has in-house production thermal cutting capability to meet your most exacting requirements which provides for faster cutting with closer tolerances. Our Beamcut System can process up to 40″ Beams by 60′ Long. Since material applications for structural steel are quite varied, our CNC Beamcut System here at PMF can provide the most productive and cost effective solution for your application. We can Thermally Cut Holes, Slots, and Bevel Cut in the same process speeding up our Fabrication process which in turn lowers costs for our customers.

Features and benefits include:

  • CNC programmable plasma cutting for consistent, accurate cuts

  • Capacity up to 40″ square allows for efficient cutting of single pieces or full bundles

  • Miter Cutting capability

  • Bevel Cutting


PMF has in-house shearing capability

Features and benefits include:

  • PMF has a CNC controlled shear in-house. CNC controlled shears ensure closer, more consistent tolerances

  • Shearing capacity up to 1/2” thick and 120″ in length

Press Brake

PMF has an in-house Press Brake

Our Three Hundred and Twenty Five Ton Hydraulic Press Brake is sure to deliver accurately and effectively for today’s industrial Fabricated Jobs

We have the capability to handle up to 1/2″ Plate x 10′ Long

Robotic Welding OTC Fusion Arc

With Our Robotic Welding Capabilities we can weld your production parts with the upmost precision while maintaining aesthetics and lowering costs